District Resource Mapping—Do you need to make changes in your district or school but you’re not sure where to start?  Are you having difficulty getting initiatives off the ground and implemented? This is the place to begin. This serves as our initial school assessment and acts as a plum line for your current context. 


Custom Program Development—CISPAC will tailor programs to fit your specific student needs, as example: workforce development, OST, Positive Discipline, Trauma Informed Schools, case management and social and emotional learning.   


School & Community Engagement—This deep dive will provide your school district with detailed information about your community’s strengths and needs and, their current or potential impact on your ability to improve student outcomes. We work to  build a platform that drives and engages community support for student success. 

Provider Services Coordination—CISPAC can work with a particular school and its staff, providers, students and their families to ensure accuracy, consistency of delivery, and measurement of student services to provide maximum impact.   

Mentor Recruitment—CISPAC can identify, vet and train mentors for you to deploy at your school within an existing mentorship program. 

Mentor Programming—CISPAC can design and implement a mentoring program and deploy the mentors that we recruit.  Whether its workforce development or SEL, CISPAC can help ensure that students and mentors get the most out of their experience together. 

Intensive Learning Support & Student Management Services—Often the students who make up the bottom 15% of your student population have many contributing factors that need specialized support in order for them to achieve. CISPAC will provide intensive and individualized assistance for the most challenging students in your school.   

Collective Impact Planning & Management—Development of a district and community-wide steering committee to help drive overall improvement and establish prioritized goals, working together to drive community planning, decision making and problem solving through a collaborative goal-oriented approach.   

Parent and Family Engagement—Critical for student success, authentic parent engagement is challenging.  We identify what parents’ value, the best way to keep them informed, involved and coming back 

Provider Management— District-wide, knowing which services offer the greatest impact, vetting providers and working to eliminate gaps in service ensures school leaders and families that students are receiving the support they need… when they need it. 


Data Analysis—CISPAC will design and implement quarterly data sharing and analysis to ensure evidence-based decision making, ensuring a collective mindset around student success.

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Program Director: Sara Berg, 412-361-4945 ext: #202, scberg@cispac.org