Communities In Schools surrounds students with a community of supports empowering them to achieve in school and succeed in life.

For the 83,000 children living in poverty in our region, challenges outside the classroom can stand in the way of success inside the classroom. At Communities In Schools of Pittsburgh-Allegheny County (CISPAC), we work in schools full time to remove those barriers by building one-on-one relationship that empower students to stay in school and achieve in life.  Because we’re in schools all day, every day, we see the unique needs of each student and partner with teachers and the community to address them.  Whether its clean clothes, help with school work, or emotional support to help a child cope with and recover from a traumatic event, we connect students with the relationships and resources they needs to succeed.

Communities In Schools Five Basics

  1. A one on one relationship with a caring adult
  2. A safe place to learn and grown
  3. A healthy start and a healthy future
  4. A marketable skill to use upon graduation
  5. A chance go give back to peers and the community

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