The mission of Communities in Schools is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.


Communities In Schools (CIS) of Pittsburgh is an affiliate of the nation’s largest and most effective Integrated Student Supports (ISS) organization. ISS is a school-based approach that connects students with services that target academic and non-academic barriers to achievement Community resources provide the substance to our “Five Basics” model that has allowed our students to flourish over the last 35 years.

Communities In Schools Five Basics

  1. A one on one relationship with a caring adult
  2. A safe place to learn and grown
  3. A healthy start and a healthy future
  4. A marketable skill to use upon graduation
  5. A chance go give back to peers and the community

CIS of Pittsburgh’s Impact in Allegheny County

  • Since 1985, CIS has reached over 50,000 underprivledged youth
  • Our graduates will contribute between $32 and $61 MILLION to the economy during their lifetimes
  • By earning a diploma, students will save Pittsburgh $8.8 million in crime and drug-related incarcerations

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