For CISPAC’s 30+ years, our work has been providing on-the-ground direct services to students and schools. Whether offering Integrated Student Support (ISS) – our case management services – or running our academies to help students obtain high school credentials, our many years assisting schools has helped us learn a great deal about breaking down the barriers that block student achievement.

We know the critical roles parents, community and business leaders play, along with service and resource providers. Even our working as a sponsor of United Way of Southwestern PA’s Be a Middle School Mentor’s program has shown us the impact that a caring adult has on the life of our youth.

This fall we are taking what we’ve learned, combining it with today’s technological advancements to develop new applications for our work. The Sustainability Project will help us support schools more efficiently and effectively. Its outcome will help schools sustain CISPAC’s impact, long after our time in a school district has come to an end.

We’re very excited about this new venture and the impact it will have on student success. As progress is made, look for updates. The project – scheduled to last through June 30, 2022 – will allow us to develop a brand-new website and utilize social media to tell the story of our work and its impact on the Pittsburgh region.