Spring 2019

Dear School Leader:

We’re here to help!

From my purview, educating our children is the most important job we have as a society and, it is, one of the most difficult.   For more than 30 years, Communities In Schools – Pittsburgh, Allegheny County (CISPAC) has been working closely with schools to help find solutions to the issues that can undermine student success.

Change is hard, but CISPAC works to simplify it so that your most important stakeholders can become enthusiastic leaders of new strategies. We work to build bridges to parents, mobilize community resources and support student needs so they are ready to learn. We work closely with administrators and educators to help identify holistic solutions to some of education’s biggest challenges—attendance issues, positive approaches to discipline and reaching students who have been exposed to high levels of trauma—to name a few.

Our role is to work with you to identify the challenges you face, create strategic solutions and work hand-in-hand with you to move those solutions forward. We provide training, support and integration so that the work continues after we’ve gone.

Over the last 3 school years, we have assisted students receiving CISPAC’s intensive learning support and management services achieve the following:

  • 99% Student Retention
  • 99% Student Promotion
  • 91% Met Attendance Goal
  • 85% Met Behavior Goal
  • 87% Met Academic Goal

Our strategic solutions work!

If you are ready to turn your schools challenges into victories, please reach out to me asap. We will arrange a no risk consultation and, in about 8 weeks; you will receive a unique strategic solution package designed to address your district or school’s areas of greatest concern.


Happy Spring!

By phone: 412-361-4549

By email: bclement@cispac.org