Dear Site Coordinators and Community School Directors,

At Communities in Schools of Pennsylvania, our vision is to see kids succeed in school. Every move we make is toward the goal of preventing and ending high school dropouts. We connect students with the resources they need to not just tackle school, but to flourish.

To do this, we have you. Our staff of highly-trained and compassionate Site Coordinators and Community School Directors who not only connect students with the resources they need but build meaningful relationships that inspire them to drive for more. This week is Coordinators Appreciation Week and to show our gratitude, we’d like to share with you why the amazing work you do is so important for our students.

For those not aware, our Coordinators and Directors do a lot, but these are some of their most important duties:

  • Bridge gaps and remove barriers to student success
  • Connect students and their families with community resources
  • Create connections with other non-profits with similar goals to double-down on positive outcomes
  • Find, collect and manage donations from the community

Communities In Schools was founded on the idea that we should take a systematic approach to help students who need it. We identify a school’s needs by looking at the school as a whole, finding groups of students who may benefit from our help, and providing individualized attention and care to students who need more direct support.

Coordinators and Directors, you have the important role of identifying these different levels of needs within a school, collaborating at the highest level possible to create a custom-tailored plan. You understand that students’ needs will vary, but that the one commonality is the barriers between them and their success. You actively work to break down whatever stands in the way of your students and connect them with outside resources that can provide positive long-term results.

You are also aware that the needs of students will constantly change over time. So you keep a close eye on their progress and make adjustments as needed. You bridge gaps and build relationships outside the classroom and in the community to secure charitable gifts and practical items like uniforms, books, school supplies, and other necessities. In short, you are truly doing it all.

To say that Communities in Schools of PA would not be able to function as successfully as it does without you would be an understatement. You see the potential inside every student you interact with and work to bring that potential to the surface. With enormous encouragement and a smile on your face, you are on the front lines connecting students with what they need to stay in school. We are so grateful for your dedication, strength, drive, grit, and absolute kindness.

These some of the last people you’d see patting themselves on the back for what they do, so we will gladly do it for them.

From everyone at Communities in Schools of Pennsylvania, thank you.