CIS Pittsburgh’s More Magic in the Middle program (based in the Penn Hills School District), is a great resource to prevent the “summer slide”, and serves as a perfect opportunity for summer learning.

The More Magic program is funded by a 21st century federal grant and consists of an afterschool program during the school year, and a program during the summer. CIS Site Coordinator Jean Olivis believes the summer is the perfect opportunity to prevent “the summer slide”.  She states, “During summer, kids do not have the same stressors as they do during the school year. They are more relaxed, open to learning, and excited to be with their friends from school”.

This summer, students will engage in STEM activities, reading, and creative arts. Additionally, they will get help with building skills to be successful throughout their academic careers.

Serving 100 kids, the idea for the summer program is of course to combine learning with summertime fun! This helps to keep students encouraged and wanting to come back.